MSA Skullgard Hard Hat Review

MSA Skullgard Hard Hat Review

When you work on a construction site, you are in constant danger. Tools can fall, pieces of wood and concrete are falling everywhere, or a coworker turns a plank of wood and hits you in the head with it.

What can you do about it? Is there something you can do to protect yourself against the unpredictable? Of course: a hard hat. Such a hat can keep you safe at all times, even against electrical current.

Being a construction worker myself, I browsed through a large variety of hard hats before I came to the best one: MSA’s Skullgard.

MSA 454626 Skullgard Protective Cap Colors

Although its name is quite ominous, it doesn’t look like a skull; so you can chill. Here’s why this is one of the best purchases you can make.

​About The Product

MSA is one of the most notorious manufacturers of safety products for workers in pretty much all industries one can think of. Their hard hats are awesome, to say the least. This one is made of phenolic material.

In comparison to hard plastic, the phenolic material is a lot more lightweight, resists to heat and protects against electrical current. Moreover, it doesn’t corrode (plastic doesn’t either). The design is nothing out of the ordinary but does its job of being eye-catchy.

Here’s a brief list of the Skullgard features:

  • Made out of phenolic plastic
  • Type I hard hat
  • Class G
  • Staz-On system of suspension (can be purchased with two other suspension systems)
  • Heat protection up to 350F
  • Electric protection up to 2.200 v

Considering the price, the Skullgard has great chances of becoming every worker’s go-to hard hat.

The Results

Since it is a Type I hard hat, it will not offer lateral protection. You might want to keep that in mind when you prepare to order. If you’re working as a lineman, you should consider a class E hat, not this one (class G).

MSA Skin Tan Protective Hat

When I buy a hard hat, I know it must meet a vital requirement: it has to be lightweight. I can’t stand heavy hats. Needless to say, this feels great on my head. What’s more, it is as durable as it is lightweight.

It took a nail gun from the second story, and although it cracked, my head was protected. The hat can be adjusted easily, even when it’s your first hat ever, and you have no clue how things work.

The MSA Skullgard can be purchased as hat or cap. I bought the hat because it has full brims, unlike the cap. I have had tons of hats throughout the years, but none better than this.

What Other People Say

The MSA Skullgard has received plenty of positive reviews. Just like me, most people were very satisfied to observe how light it is, although it looks like it’s made out of steel.

There has been a case in which somebody bought it and thought he received an empty box in the post: that’s how light it is. Apart from this, all people (including me) praise its durability.

MSA Cap Ratchet Suspension

Skullgard can also be purchased in a ton of colors, so if you just mustered a construction team, you can get hard hats for all of them in one order. The suspension, of course, got its fair share of acclaim.

This is really important. If the suspension of your hat leaves a great deal to be desired, then your life is in danger. Skullgard has three available types of suspension, each one better than the other. You’re all set in this respect.

There was a minor complaint concerning the suspension, but that can be attributed to a lack of attention when ordering.

What We Like About It

Hands down, its weight. I don’t know about you, but for me this is the most crucial advantage of a proper hard hat. I can’t complain about the suspension, either.

Everything about this hat is great, from the price to the range of applications and the overall size of it. By the way, you can get it in various sizes, so take this into consideration before hitting the Order button.

What We Don’t Like About It

Honestly, there’s nothing I could say against the Skullgard. I received the very product that was advertised. It arrived quickly, and I have sported it ever since. The second one, that is, since I managed to crack the first one.

MSA Protective Cap Proportions

It might look odd to have nothing bad to say about a certain product, but I am not going to invent things just to pretend I have a bone to pick with this hard hat.

Buying Advice

When it comes to online shopping, I always go with Amazon. It’s probably one of the very few online stores that sell products with discounts and offer free shipping if the sum of the order is right.

What’s more, their shipping service is amazing. I never got anything broken in the mail, and that’s a huge accomplishment, considering that the situation is different with various other websites. Amazon shines in this respect.

You get free shipping for this hat, too. Under $200, this is definitely the best buy you can make. It’s truly an investment, rather than a monthly expense (this depends on how hazardous your work environment is, that’s true).


The MSA Skullgard is really cool. While some people might complain that it’s a little pricey, you cannot put a price tag on your welfare, can you? This hard hat ensures that you won’t get any head injury on a construction site or wherever you might work.

MSA 816651 Skullgard Protective Cap

You can’t be extremely picky about a hard hat, but you shouldn’t just dive headfirst into the first one you see. There are many things you have to take into consideration. I’m happy to say that this particular hard hat met all my requirements: proper weight, flexibility, and durability.

I recommend it to any worker, regardless of industry. It is heat-resistant, the rain washes of it quickly without blurring your view, it protects against electrical shocks to the head, etc. The best buy you can make.

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