MSA Slotted V-Gard Hard Hat Review

MSA Slotted V-Gard Hard Hat Review

Hard hats are mandatory for workers who are at risk of getting head injuries more often than not. It’s definitely better to spend a few bucks on this at-hand safety precaution than to pay thousands for hospitalization.

With all these, how can one make sure he’s making the right call when there are so many brands on the market? First of all, word of mouth. Second of all, some extensive research. If you don’t have time for said research, I’ve got your back.

MSA Slotted V-Gard Polyethylene Hats On Couch

Bear with me, and I’ll show you why you should consider purchasing the MSA Slotted V-Gard. You won’t need to spend too much money to get a state-of-the-art hard hat ever again. Let’s see what the deal is with MSA’s lifesaver.

​About The Product

MSA has provided safety equipment for a while now. The quality of their products boosted their fame and continues to do so to this day. It’s safe to say that the V-Gard is the pinnacle of their craftsmanship.

This is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful hard hats I’ve ever laid eyes on. I love how the flag motif is embossed by the protuberances on the top of the hat. The color is amazing, and it looks great when you get it, it’s not some cheap finish.

Here’s what the hat offers you:

  • Fas-Trac III suspension system
  • Made out of polyethylene
  • Lightweight
  • Standard size
  • Graphics: stars and stripes

I would buy it again just for the graphics, and I’m 100% honest at this point. Of course, everything else recommends this as one of the best buys one can make on a tight budget.

The Results

Polyethylene is better than other materials because it allows more flexibility and makes the hard hat much lighter. Don’t worry; it doesn’t mean that it won’t protect you against injuries properly.

Senior Man Wearing Gard Hard Hat

Unlike other similar products, the MSA Slotted V-Guard is so easy to adjust. It takes less than 5 minutes to do it, provided you’re not a rookie. Accessories can be put on it with the utmost of ease. What’s fantastic is that you can also get ear muffs with the hat.

I say you take advantage of that, especially if you work in an overly noisy environment. Sweatbands are also available. It feels comfortable on your head, and I put a lot of stress on that. It’s simply annoying when the hard hat just bounces to and fro.

The suspension on this bad boy is absolutely incredible. There are tons of people who think that it’s the outer shell of the hard hat that protects against things falling on their heads. Yes, it plays a part, but the suspension is the real helper here.

What Others Say

Men and women alike have praised this particular hard hat for the same reasons I did until now. It’s a little smaller – which is great, since most hard hats come in a large size – so women can wear it, too.

MSA really hit the bull's eye with this hat. Although it sounds materialistic, the price is another factor that contributes to the high likeability of this hat. Hard hats can go over a few hundred dollars, but everyone can afford this.

The suspension system, the enhanced adjustability and the comfort it provides have made this hat a favorite among workers from all industries. Not to mention the surge of patriotism you get by wearing it.

MSA 10071157 Slotted V-Gard Polyethylene Hats

Some people complained that they got theirs with minor scratches. That’s definitely a transportation problem, by no means something inherent, so be careful where you order it from.

What We Like About It

First of all, the design. I usually don’t pay attention to it, because a hard hat is still a hard hat even if it doesn’t have a pattern. This one is great. Nothing too flamboyant, but nice nonetheless.

Second of all, the fact that it was made with polyethylene. The V-Gard is flexible and durable thanks to that. It’s easy to adjust, the price is more than fair and everything about it just screams high-quality.

What We Don’t Like About It

There is one minor inconvenience concerning this model: it gets pretty hot if you work in sunlight too much time. Mind that this isn’t anything serious. The quality is still top-notch.

However, don’t use this if you work in a hot environment, like a factory. Opt for another one. If you like heat, then it’s alright. It’s less likely that you’ll work in sunlight for 8 straight hours without a break, anyway.

Buying Advice

The MSA Slotted V-Gard can be purchased from a variety of places on the Internet. With all these, you can’t be too careful when it comes to transportation. To make sure you won’t get a pile of broken polyethylene, order it from a renowned website.

MSA 10071157 Slotted V-Gard Polyethylene Hat On White Background

I usually order equipment from Amazon, because I get free shipping and I can rest assured the courier pays attention to the package. You can order it from anywhere else, but don’t complain when you get your product broken.

PRO Tip: You might get a good discount on the original price on Amazon, though not necessarily. Moreover, there are certain package deals available for you.


MSA’s Slotted V-Gard is a fantastic purchase. And no, I’m not just saying that. It has been on my wish list for quite some time, and I finally got it. It’s been made with good material. Therefore, it is durable.

The design gives it that certain “something” that makes it so appealing, the suspension is fabulous and easy to adjust to fit one’s head and all in all, you can’t get anything better than this for less than $60.

I owned many MSA models throughout the years, but this one really stepped up the game. I confess that the design is what attracted me most, and still does. I highly recommend this product for construction workers.

The price is more than appropriate for such a good quality. Great buy!

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