Safety Works V-Gard Hard Hat Review

Safety Works V-Gard Hard Hat Review

Wearing a protective hard hat at work isn’t an option. What would you take: a few months in hospital with head trauma or spending a few bucks on a helmet? What a rhetoric question, correct?

If you want to be completely safe on the site, you need a hard hat. You shouldn’t be scared of the prospect. Such a hat comes for much cheaper than you might even imagine, and Safety Works’ product is the proof.

Man Wearing V-Gard Hat

I bought it, and I tested it; now it’s time to let you know the highs and the lows of this otherwise amazing acquisition for which I paid a little more than what you’d pay for a pair of socks. Here we go into the review.

​About The Product

Although incredibly cheap, this product is among the best Safety Works has ever put out. If you ever owned a Safety Works hard hat before, you know the company isn’t messing with the quality for the sake of cutting off the price.

The V-Gard has a full-brim, which you will find very pleasing when it rains. The brim is bent a little upwards in the front, to make sure your vision is not jeopardized. The suspension is ratchet type, and one can adjust it without too much hassle.

List of features:

  • Made out of polyethylene
  • Fas-Trac suspension (nylon bands)
  • Weight: 13.6 ounces
  • Made in China
  • Type I hard hat
  • Available in classes E and G
  • Color: White (no other options)

The fact that it is made out of polyethylene and it can be purchased either as an E or G class should already make you want to have it.

The Results

This Safety Works hard hat excels at providing comfort to the wearer. Most of the times, workers cannot wear helmets for too long because they get itchy and sweaty. This doesn’t happen with the V-Gard.

Safety Works Fas Trac Suspension

Polyethylene provides a degree of comfort that is hard to match by other materials. Whereas the suspension on other types and brands of hats can give you headaches when you try to adjust it, V-Gard is actually a piece of cake in this respect.

V-Gard doesn’t have anything innovative, but it definitely does its job of protecting your head against a variety of injuries. Considering that it doesn’t even cost $20, you couldn’t really ask for more from it.

I bought 5 of these because the price tag was a no-brainer and I can tell you honestly that you’re not missing on anything. It’s the best alternative for people who don’t have the money or don’t want to spend too much on equipment.

What Others Say

Ask anybody who owns this particular model what they think of it, and you’ll get the same answer I gave you. The deal is simply too good not to stack on hard hats. All people love how comfortable it feels and how easy it is to adjust the nylon bands that serve as suspension.

There have been a few cases in which customers were shipped a different style of hat, but they got their money back without a problem. Also, some individuals found that it is quite difficult to put it together if you’re a beginner.

All these issues have solutions, so they do not spoil the reputation of this hard hat. These can happen with any other brand.

What We Like About It

The price and the comfort it provides, obviously. You wouldn’t expect too much from such a cheap product, but once it arrives, you’ll beg to differ. Personally, I found the nylon suspension great.

That might not apply to other customers; I’m well-aware of that. I don’t think it is uncomfortable at all. If it is, some tweaking will rapidly solve the problem. I bought it because the price was really good.

Safety Works 10006318 V-Gard White On Head

This will be the reason why you’ll buy it, too. And it’s worth every penny, to tell you the whole truth.

What We Don’t Like About It

I don’t like the fact that it’s white. Dirt is much easier to see on it than it would be on a black one. This is my only complaint.

Everything else about the Safety Works V-Gard is as good as $20 can get you. I didn’t have any issues with the suspension nor with assembling it when I got it.

Shipping was extremely fast, and there wasn’t a scratch on the helmet.

Buying Advice

I would advise you to get it from Amazon. There is a great discount for a pack of 5 hard hats. You can also order just one piece, but you won’t be saving any money. I love getting things from Amazon because they never disappointed me with shipping.

If it says “Ships in 2 working days” then it’s precisely two business days until I get what I ordered. You have plenty of choices, but I’m an Amazon kind of guy.

And by the way, the said discount for a 5-pack comes with free shipping too, so there’s another reason to consider it. I don’t want to interfere too much in the process, but I thought you should know the perks of purchasing this Safety Works hard hat from Amazon.


This Safety Works helmet is far from being mind-blowing, but it’s not poorly made either. In fact, its quality doesn’t really justify the price. There are a ton of more expensive hard hats that don’t have a fraction of the quality of this V-Gard.

Safety Works V-Gard Hard Hat On White Background

I had many hard hats, and I can totally vouch for what I said. If you don’t want to pay more than $15 on your hard hat, then there isn’t a better alternative than this Safety Works item. Its price is still unbeatable.

We usually pay too much for things that don’t warrant a big spending. At least with this one, you’ll get a sense of the fact that high price doesn’t automatically translate as high quality.

Our Rating

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